Cumulus is a story that follows a young adventurous girl called Penwyn as she travels to the world of the clouds, produced by a team stretching from London, to Los Angeles, to Brazil.


The Story

An intrepid young girl from the south of Wales on a walk of the beach decides to run away from her Dad and search for her own adventure. On discovering a grumpy talking bird, she follows him to the world of the clouds in the sky as he tries stop his chicks from flying the nest today.

The story is about adventure and love, that the two lie all around us in many guises, and that sometimes we're given a new perspective to see reveal those things.


The Team

The Cumulus team's credits range from working with Disney, Nickleodeon, to Warner Brothers Animation, to The Archers on BBC Radio 4, and the new Captain Scarlet.

The team stretches across the globe from London, to Leeds, to Edinburgh, to Los Angles, to Natal in Brazil, and is made up of a writer & director, a producer, four animators, a sound editor, a composer, two illustrators, and three voiceover artists.



The aim with Cumulus has been to create a beautiful watercolour film: a watercolour painting come to life. This has been achieved by combining digital 2D animation and digital watercolour with real watercolour paint and swatches.

The result is a watercolour world that takes you to wondrous places, while having a real tangible texture that feels as though you could touch it.



Cumulus has been in production for 3+ years, and was initially funded by a successful crowdfunding campaign.

A new campaign is now underway to help with submission fees for film festivals and show Cumulus to the world. Take a look at our campaign and make a contribution to be the first to see the film, get posters, and get your name on the credits.